prevention visits and inspections to prevent fire hazards on our territory
To the residents of North Hatley
With the recent upcoming risk coverage plan, the Ministère de la Sécurité Publique requires from the municipalities, to visit at regular intervals, the entirety of these properties (residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial) in order to specify the risks and insure safety as in fire prevention. The leading goal of this action is to prepare our municipality in the eventuality of incidents and therefore, to reduce potential threats and risks of fire in our community.
By the present letter, we confirm that our municipality authorizes Groupe GPI to execute prevention visits and inspections to prevent fire hazards on our territory. Visits will take place during the following month, starting today. As a result of by law no. 2009-535, prevention technicians in uniforms, clearly identified as Groupe GPI inspectors, will be visiting every property in the following weeks. Each inspector will be carrying a certified letter authorizing Groupe GPI to execute prevention visits. All information or pictures taken during these visits are confidential and will be used strictly in accordance with the regulations of fire department.
The technicians will provide particular attention to the following elements:
• smoke detectors (a minimum of one (1) on each floor)
• carbon monoxide detectors when combustion apparatus is used
• The conformity of the heating installations, including the chimneys.
It is possible to consult the regulation, available at the City Hall of the Municipalité du Village de North Hatley at 3125 chemin Capelton, North Hatley.
We invite you to contact us for further information concerning security and fire prevention.

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