Photo Contest

To your cameras! Show us your best view of North Hatley! We’re looking for great photos that showcase the beauty of our village’s landscape, its wildlife, its history or the breathtaking views of the lake. Participants will have a chance to win a Quebec photo book valued at $40.

Deadline to enter: September 30, 2021
Send your photos directly to, including your complete name and phone number.

Rules and regulations
-Must be a citizen of North Hatley
-A person may submit a maximum of two photos.
-Each participant certifies that he or she is the photographer of the photo submitted and authorizes the Town of North Hatley to publish and exhibit it at any time. However, the Town of North Hatley agrees to mention the name of the author (photo credit);
-In the case where clearly identifiable persons appear in the photo, they must agree to the publication of the photo (send us proof of consent)

The photo submitted must respect the following specifications:
-Landscape format (horizontal)
-High resolution JPEG format
-Give a title to the photo and specify the place represented.

The Winners
The town will choose its 10 favorite photos and then hold a Facebook contest for the community to vote for a winner. The announcement of the top two winning photos will take place on Friday, October 15, 2021.

Terms and Conditions
By submitting my photos, I grant the Town of North Hatley the right to use the photo(s) submitted in the contest, in any form and on any material support (hereinafter the “photos”) for an unlimited period of time and without territorial restrictions, with the only constraint being the addition by North Hatley of the photo credit (name of the photographer).

I also grant North Hatley the right to distribute and reproduce the Photos and consent to their use for any purpose and in any form, including advertising, promotional or commercial purposes, without compensation to me and to all persons appearing in the Photos.

I assign and transfer to North Hatley any and all rights to the photos that I have or may claim to have and waive any right to inspect or approve said photos, copies thereof, or material that may be used for the aforementioned purposes, whether such use is known to me or not. I also waive any moral rights I have or may claim to have in the photos.

As a result of the foregoing, I waive any legal action against North Hatley in connection with the use of the photos.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have read and understood the terms.

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