Let’s talk WINTER!

Particularly about this ending winter, that has upset our everyday life, our lives, our ways of doing things or practicing our winter activities.

Today, I would be pleased to receive your comments on how you have experienced your 2020-21 winter, this out of the ordinary winter that we will continue talking about for a long time to come. How did you manage to go through the pandemic the best way possible and better enjoy the pleasures of winter?

In our next newsletter, I will have at heart to share some good winter times lived by North Hatley citizens. Understanding how our village can make a difference for the quality of life in winter, here at home, is certainly an important point to me. I am inviting you, in a few words, to share a privileged moment that you have experienced this winter.

Please forward your texts to the address below:

To bring some warmth to our community, let’s share our good winter moments.

Alexandre-Nicolas LeBlanc, M.S.M.
Merchants Committee
Municipal Councilor

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