INFO-FLOOD 2019- bulletin 01

INFO-FLOOD 2019– bulletin 01

Since this time of year brings with it a high risk of flooding and a part of Quebec is currently on alert, the municipality of the Village of North Hatley would like to inform its citizens and the citizens of neighbouring municipalities of the local situation as it currently stands.

Over the course of the last hours, the information that has been sent to us is as follows :

We would like to reassure the citizens living along the river that unless the situation becomes urgent, no evacuation is planned.

The municipality’s public services and the intermunicipal fire department are ready to intervene if necessary.

Vigilant observation of the situation is being carried out by the municipal direction in order to remain up to date on the information that is being transmitted by the regional direction of civil security and by the Centre d’expertise hydrique du Québec.

Citizens will be notified using our alert system if necessary.

The municipality will be maintaining up to date information on the situation in a special section on its web-site (Flood-Info) at  and will also have access, if necessary, to its Info-letter to ensure that everyone remains up to date with the latest information.

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